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Adventurer 4 FFF 3D Printer - Flashforge


Adventurer 4 FFF 3D Printer - Flashforge

€ 799.00

NozzleRemovable NozzleQuickly detachable nozzle with patented buckle design. Only 3 seconds, tool free easier for replacement and maintenance.60 seconds heating up to 200?Wide Range of Application Coverage Different nozzle choice: 0.3/0.4/0.6mm.          Choose details and timeliness as you wish. 240/265?ÑÉ nozzle match with various filaments:          ABS / PLA / PC / PETG / PLA-CF / PETG-CFPlatformFlexible PlatformMagnetic adsorption platform, double holders bending the spring plate and take down models within 5 seconds.Leveling free Platform Applying CNC made bottom frame as mounting base level; 8 mm super-flat aluminum plate ensures the platform flatness; The whole flatness difference is less than 0.15 mm; Excellent first-layer printing quality and save the time to adjustment.Multi-function Escort Continue printing after recovery from power failure. Detection sensor for lacking filament. HD Built-in camera monitoring (Adventurer 4 only). Remote printing control by Wi-Fi or Ethernet. New FlashPrint support multi-device on-line control, managing printers in high efficiency. Remote-control function handle exceptions while printing. Energy-saving mode: only 1KWH power consumption when standby overnight.A Wide Range of MaterialsWith high temperature 265° extruder, Adventurer 4 has great compatibility with many of the leading materials manufacturers.Adventurer 4 support ABS / PLA / PC / PETG / PLA-CF / PETG-CF.We reccomend to use filament with 1.75mm What's in the box? Adventurer 4 3D Printer One Spool of 1 KG Filament Power Cord After Sales Card & User Manual 0.4 MM 265? Nozzle Hex Wrench, Screw Driver & Unclogging Tool Grease U-Disk Leveling Card