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Flashforge Creator 3 - 3D Printer
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Flashforge Creator 3 - 3D Printer

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Flashforge Creator 3 - 3D Printer Creator 3 is an industrial desktop 3D printing platform that delivers high performance functional parts with advanced engineering materials. The carbon fiber reinforcement provides significantly improved stiffness, strength and heat resistance with outstanding layer adhesion. A Wide Range Of Materials With high temperature 300° extruder, Creator 3 has great compatibility with many of the leading materials manufacturers. Creator 3 support PLA, ABS, PA, PC, PA-CF, PA-GF. Massive Build Volume Creator 3 offers more freedom for large designs or prints multiple parts in one platform. Flexible Heatable Platform Whatever size model adhered to the heatable platform easily. Thanks to flexible features, objects removal easy. Four Built-in Ventilating Fan Displacing the internal and external air to adjust the temperature of the chamber to create a better printing environment temperature.   POWER, PRECISION INNOVATION Discover the independent dual extruder (IDEX) system, the Flashforge Creator 3 is a powerful industrial-grade 3D printer.  Creator 3 is the best-in-class choice for small production with quality and precision, to speed up the time to market and cut manufacturing costs. 3D Printed Farm Creator 3 is equipped with the new wireless connectivity.  Send the print files via wifi with FlashPrint.  Creator 3 printed farm can be realized to create small production   What's in the box? n.1 Creator 3 3D Printer n.2 PLA Filament n.1 User Guide n.1 After Sales Card n.1 Power Cable n.1 Scraper n.1 16G USB Stick n.2 Waste Box n.2 PTFE Tube n.1 Unclogging Pin Tool n.1 Stamping Wrench n.1 Screw driver n.2 Allen Wrench n.1 Grease n.1 Glue Stick n.2 Noozle Brush  

B9 Core Series 550


B9 Core Series 550

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SECOND HAND DEAL Engineered to bring you unmatched precision & surface finish. Increase your speed-to-market, maximize your productivity, and serve your customers faster with the B9 Core Series. A professional 3D printing solution, the B9 Core Series 3D printers are designed to suit a multitude of applications including jewelry, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, industrial design and engineering, research, and more - serving brands from 3M to Procter & Gamble and General Electric. Requiring no calibrations, the B9 Core Series 3D printers print at exceptional speeds without sacrificing print resolution or surface quality.  Maintenance-free, reliable, and equipped with a range of design, engineering-grade, and casting materials, you can move from prototyping to production runs of thousands of parts with ease. And the push-button operation doesn't stop at the printer. The B9 Core Series workflow includes automated, no-mess cleaning with the B9Clean and curing in minutes with the B9 Model Cure. To guarantee your new 3D printer begins generating a return on investment immediately, we include factory startup assistance with every B9 Core Series sold and access to a network of industry partners with expertise ranging from CAD design to casting to deploying additive manufacturing solutions at scale. Integrate the end-to-end solution that enables your business to operate more efficiently and profitable than ever before. Simple, fast, automated - so you can focus less on process and more on proven results.


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