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VisiJet Wax Resin Cartridge Jewel RED - 3D Systems

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Discover next-level jewelry production with wax jewelry patterns

Durable yet flexible casting patterns enable the production of new design styles, opening up new possibilities in wax 3D printing. Patterns produced using VisiJet® Wax Jewel Red material withstand handling through the entire lost wax casting process, and are especially advantageous for features such as lightweight filigree and thin wire mesh designs.

Pattern durability and increased flexibility promote productivity and cost savings by reducing the time and costs associated with fragile patterns breaking.



  • Fine mesh and filigree design jewelry castings
  • Stone-in-place castings
  • Traditional jewelry designs


  • For use with standard lost wax casting techniques
  • Clean burnout with no ash content
  • More robust 3D printed patterns resist breaking through normal handling
  • Allows for fine featured designs with filigree or mesh patterns


  • 100% Wax
  • Increased flexibility over traditional casting waxes
  • Increased pattern durability
  • High contrast red color for visibility
Material Type: Visijet M2 Series
Application: Metal Casting/Jewelry

Key Mechanical Properties

  • Melting point: 62-63°C
  • Softening point: 43-47°C
  • Volumetric shrinkage: 1.7% (from 40°C to 23°C)
  • Linear shrinkage: 0.58% (from 40°C to 23°C)
  • Needle penetration hardness: 14 (ASTM D1321)
  • Ash content: 0.00% (ASTM D5630-13A)

Before using 3dsystems wax resin it is recommended to expel the residue of the previous material inside the printer.  
If you want more information on how to do this send us an email to info@3de-shop.com.