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Creality CR-200B



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Creality CR-200B 3d printer, high cost-effective consumer 3D printer.
An exquisite 3D printer is always with high performance. Not only does the Creality CR-200B 3d printer have the best features, but it also has a really smart, elegant design. 

A transparent chamber with multi-style optional: The exclusive structure with classical Creality color and multi-style optional realizes your endless creativity

Completely enclosed chamber meets high-temp filaments: The enclosed chamber with 200x200x200mm features a large print size. Match with a standard cover. It supports high-temperature filaments

Quality wide voltage power supply with a safety system: The universal power supply with stability and quality gives you a safe and friendly environment

Brand new and excellent performance nozzle kit: New nozzle kit with excellent thermal conductance features wear-resistance and stability, smoothly filament-pushing. The dual fan provides a great heat dissipation environment.

Large size color touch screen: Capacitive color screen with a new UI interface and sensitive screen stands up to wear and tear.

Smart filament runout sensor: Whenever there is a possible accident like filament run-out or filament breakage, the smart sensor forces the machine to suspend printing. Printing will automatically resume after the new filament feed-in.

Live Chat Support

Creality Support can be reached via phone, live chat, email, Forum, or through submission of a support request through their online support page.

Deals: Products on sale
Condition: Second Hand

​​​​​​​Printer purchased for some company testing. 
In excellent condition, printed a few hours.
Will be sent with the printer also a bobbin of Fiberforce PLA filament.

Product Parameters

Molding technology: FDM

Number of nozzle:1

Print size: 200x200x200mm

Machine dimension: 411x435x503mm

Package dimension: 533x499x605mm

Hotbed temperature: ≤100°C

Nozzle temperature: ≤260°C

Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4mm

Supported filament: PLA/ABS

Printing precision: ±0.1mm

Power supply: Input 115-235V  Output 24V

Diameter of nozzle: 0.4mm