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Markforged Fiberglass CFF Spool 50cm3 3D filament


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The Markforged 50cm3 Fiberglass CFF Spool is a high quality specialist 3D printing material for use with the Markforged range of 3D printers, at an affordable cost.

Fibreglass filament provides a strength similar to Carbon Fibre, but with a lower stiffness (approx. 40% as stiff) and is only 2x the weight, as well as being electrically insulating.

However, when compared to other materials which are available to reinforce composite materials such as Onyx, the flexural strength of fiberglass shows it to be leagues above the alternatives. Whilst PLA and ABS have the flexural strength equivalent to 75 MPa, Fiberglass can bend under forces without breaking until 215 MPa.

Fibreglass is used with the CFF (Composite Filament Fabrication) nozzle to add reinforcing fibres to the Nylon or Onyx printed part.

The Fiberglass CFF Spool is the perfect solution when printing parts that are required to be stiff yet still affordable. Examples of use cases include: functional prototypes, jigs, fixtures and end use parts.

The Markforged Fiberglass CFF Spool  is compatible with Mark One, Mark One Professional, Mark Two, Mark Two Professional, Mark Two Enterprise, Onyx Pro, Markforged X5 and Markforged X7 (formerly known as Mark X) models.

Material documentation (Download here)