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Figure 4 Resin Cartridge JEWEL MASTER GRY 1kg

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A versatile, high HDT master pattern material for jewelry silicone molds and high visualization detailed prototypes of complex and fine designs.

Stunning surface finish and high definition for jewelry pieces prototyping and production with RTV/silicone molding.

Figure 4 JEWEL MASTER GRY is a versatile master pattern material for high volume jewelry RTV/silicone molds and for prototype/fit models. The material’s high heat deflection temperature (300°C) ensures compatibility with a range of silicones for creating molds used in jewelry casting production workflows.

This material also delivers exceptional precise surface quality for design and functional prototyping, as well as snap-fit and stone-in-place testing. Figure 4 JEWEL MASTER GRY meets biocompatibility standard ISO 10933-5 for cytotoxicity, making it safe for try-ons and fittings.

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Material Type: Figure 4
Application: Metal Casting/Jewelry


  • High definition master patterns for making silicone or RTV molds especially for high volume, mass production of jewelry designs
  • Jewelry design and functional prototyping
  • Snap-fit and stone-in-place testing
  • Client fit/try-on models


  • Compatible with a range of silicones
  • No silicone inhibition
  • High visualization
  • Safe for extended try-on testing and user fittings
  • Jewelry-specific build styles
  • MicroPointTM support tips minimizing support-to-part interaction and support scarring


  • High heat deflection temperature
  • Exceptional surface finish and fine details definition
  • Fast speed:
    • Prototyping speed – 45 mm/hr @ 50µm Z resolution
    • Master pattern speed – 15 mm/hr @ 30µm Z resolution
  • High contrast gray color
  • Passes biocompatibility standard ISO 10933-5 for cytotoxicity

Key Mechanical Properties

  • Elongation at break: 2.5%
  • Tensile modulus: 3500 MPa
  • Tensile strength: 67 MPa
  • Heat deflection temperature: >300 °C @ 0.455 MPa/66PSI