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VisiJet M2S-HT250 Resin Cartridge - 3D Systems

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A strong, rigid material with best-in-class heat deflection temperature of 250 °C for functional testing in high heat environments

VisiJet M2S-HT250 is a strong, rigid, translucent material with best-in-class heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 250°. This high thermal resistance makes VisiJet M2S-HT250 ideal for tooling, manufacturing aids and high temperature functional prototyping applications. In the Durable Goods and Automotive industries, uses include those requiring hot fluid and gas flow, as well as thermal shielding and insulation.

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Material Type: Visijet M2 Series
Application: Design&Engineering


  • Functional prototyping for components in hot environments
  • Rapid prototyping of high temperature parts and applications
  • Electronic housings/cases
  • Thermal shielding/insulation
  • Direct contact with melted solder for fixtures and manufacturing
  • High temperature molds
  • Contain and direct heated fluid and gas flows
  • Complex and fine diameter internal structures


  • Highest thermal resistance in its class
  • Clear enough to visualize internal features and flow
  • High fidelity fine features and sharp edges
  • Smooth surface quality
  • UL94 HB  flammability test standards
  • USP Class VI certified for biocompatibility


  • Heat deflection temperature at 0.45 MPa: 250°C
  • High modulus - Strong and stiff
  • Translucent material, light amber
  • Biocompatible*
  • For use with the ProJet® MJP 2500 Plus

Note: This material runs on the ProJet MJP 2500 Plus in UHD mode only.

* Biocompatibility is based on testing by an independent testing lab on a single geometry and sample set per USP Class VI. Users should confirm fitness for use and biocompatibility for their applications.