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VisiJet M2E-BK70 Resin Cartridge

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A tough, black elastomer with a high Shore A hardness of 70 and excellent rebound after compression

VisiJet M2E-BK70 is an elastomeric material with a Shore A hardness of 70, that shows very good shape memory. Exhibiting best-in-class compression and rebound properties, this material can be used for a variety of design and prototyping applications such as seals, gaskets, sensor pads and cable guides.

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Material Type: Visijet M2 Series
Application: Prototyping


  • Design and prototyping applications of medium hard rubber-like products, such as:
    • Seals
    • Gaskets
    • Sensor pads
    • Cable guide
    • Bumpers
    • Treads
    • Grips and handle


  • Best compression in its class
  • Excellent compression rebound without crumbling
  • Feature fidelity, sharp edges
  • Smooth surface quality
  • UL94 HB  flammability test standards
  • USP Class VI certified for biocompatibility


  • Shore A hardness of 70
  • Good rebound properties
  • Outstanding compressive properties
  • Very good shape memory/spring back
  • Biocompatible*
  • For use with the ProJet® MJP 2500 Plus
* Biocompatibility is based on testing by an independent testing lab on a single geometry and sample set per USP Class VI. Users should confirm fitness for use and biocompatibility for their applications.

Key Mechanical Properties

  • Elongation at break: 44%
  • Tensile modulus: 6.4 MPa
  • Tensile strength: 2.9 MPa
  • Shore A hardness: 73
  • Tear Strength: 6.8 kN/m
  • Compression set: 0.5%
  • Water absorption (24 hr): 1.2%