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3D Systems

VisiJet EX200 Natural Resin Cartridge - 3D Systems

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Revolutionize your functional testing and bring your general purpose Rapid Design to the next level. A truly flexible 3D printing material.

High definition, hard plastic parts to expand your modeling applications.


  • For use in ProJet MJP 3600, ProJet MJP 3600Max
  • Durable plastic that looks and feels like injection molded plastic and allows for more rigorous testing and use.
  • The material is well suited for a variety of applications requiring snap fit and strength capability.
  • Expand your modeling and fit and function testing applications with VisiJet® EX200, a material that is tougher and more durable.
  • Material transparency allows you to view internal geometries and structures – to better evaluate your product designs.
  • The finest features, sharpest edges and smoothest curves available in 3-D printing.
  • Simple, melt-away supports and no additional post processing ensures that your product design projects stay on schedule.
  • VisiJet® EX200 and the ProJetTM 3-D Production System form a complete solution that fits your budget with user-friendly, automatic operation in an office environment.
Material Type: Visijet M3 Series

Composition: UV Curable Acrylic Plastic
Color: Natural
Case Quantity: 8 cartridges, 0.5kg ea
Net Weight (per case): 4Kg
Density @ 80 °C (liquid), g/cm3: 1.02
Tensile Strength, MPa: 42.4
Tensile Modulus, MPa: 1283
Elongation at Break, %: 6.83
Flexural Strength, MPa: TBD
Flexural Modulus, MPa: 1159
zod Notched Impact, kJ/m2:  2.5
Glass Transition Temperature, Tg @ 1 Hz: 52.5