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After your part has been printed, you must follow the post printing process to finalize your item. Using this material is the last step in the process and is recommended for a better finish.
Application: Post Processing
This product is recommended for all types of post process of 3D printers. Below is a guide on how to best use it. 
Let's specify that this product is water-based and is recommended for an excellent white, matte finish on lightweight plastic parts.

Steps for Post Processing a Part

Bulk Wax Removal

After job is finished printing, platform should be raised and clamps released.

  1. Lift the entire platform off of the printer
  1. Place the platform in a freezer for approximately 30 minutes. This will cool the parts and enable them to separate easily from the platform.
  1. After parts are cooled sufficiently, remove them from the print platform. It may be necessary to use a putty knife to loosen the larger parts.
  2. For stubborn parts you an use a smooth wood block to gently tap parts free of platform.
  3. Keep angle of putty knife below 20 degrees to avoid scraping the platform.
  1. Once parts have been removed from platform, place them in a metal basket.
  1. Place the entire basket in a 70°C (158°F) warming oven for 30 minutes or until the wax support material has melted off.
  1. Remove parts from oven and wipe off any remaining support material with a paper towel.
  1. Place parts in a clean warm mineral bath (approx. 65°C (149°F) ) or EZ Rinse-C for 30 minutes.
  2. After 30 minutes removal from heated bath.
  1. Rinse parts with warm water and pat dry. Parts are now ready to use.