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The Form 3L 3D Printer: Ushering a new age of 3D Printing


It’s safe to say that the world of 3D printing is evolving at a super-fast pace. Form 3L is the latest in a line of printers that are revolutionising the 3D printing industry. Want to learn how your business can benefit from this latest technological innovation? Keep reading.

Overview of Formlabs Form 3L

Simply put, this Formlabs product supports large-format 3D printing – and enables you to start printing in-house. Formlabs analysed the Stereolithography machines that made the company so successful – and scaled them up. Enter the Form 3L printer.

This new machine allows you to print and produce material without having to worry that large scale production will break it down. Formlabs boast that it’s “compact enough for an office and robust enough for the factory floor.” Think of the Form 3L as the super-computer version of a 3D printer: it maintains ideal print conditions even if it’s working non-stop, and it’s doesn’t require round-the-clock supervision to produce excellent results.

Its build volume is five times that of the Form 2 and Form 3 printers, meaning that it’s an excellent choice when it comes to printing bulky parts or producing large amounts of material. What’s more – there are over 20 materials to choose from, enabling your company to transform into a 3D printing superpower.

The Form 3L’s Key Features

What makes the Form 3L so unique?

  • The machine parts can easily be replaced by the user – reducing costs and making the machine an option that’s a worthwhile investment.
  • It’s got the capacity for two resin cartridges – one cartridge automatically switches to the other so that no time is wasted.
  • A build volume of 30 x 33.5 x 20cm that enables parts to be printed at scale.
  • Two light processing units and a mirror system that speeds up the printing process.
  • Sensors that can accurately detect when a job is about to be finished. These sensors can also detect dust and other anomalies!
  • A 5-inch touchscreen that makes the job easier to control with a couple of taps.


Bonus features

The Form 3L enables you to print remotely from wherever you are in the world. If you’re working from home, you can send the design directly to the machine, and it immediately starts printing print. Gone are the days when you have to worry about whether the machine started the printing process or not. The Form 3L is intuitive and “intelligent” enough to detect commands and avoid a never-ending printing queue.

Its software is really easy to use, making it a user-friendly investment that can be used by all staff members. Once the design is finished, you simply need to import the STL/OBJ file to the PreForm software (available on Mac and Windows) – and the software itself can readjust the print’s orientation and automatically choose the best printing options.


If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, getting the latest printer with a larger printing plate enables you to print large parts in-house, without having to rely on any third parties. The Form 3L was created by professional for professionals who want to scale up their business and invest in a long-term machine that’s fast and, most importantly, reliable and affordable. Make sure that your business remains ahead of the curb in this highly competitive and globalised business environment, and invest in the technology of the future today.