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New Antiviral 3D Printing Material Could Remove 70% of COVID-19 Virus


This is not the first type of research related to 3D printable. In July 2021, the research group Additive Manufacturing Functional Materials (AMFM) at the University of Wolverhampton and the Catholic University of Valencia's Biomaterials and Bioengineering Lab developed an antiviral copper tungsten-silver (Cu-W-Ag) material that kills the COVID-19 virus within five hours.
What distinguishes the latest research is that the material developed by the scientists at Hong Kong Polytechnic University contains resin. To design the material, the scientists embedded anti-viral agents in the resin. The researchers hope that different industries use this anti-viral material to create different parts using 3D printing.
So far, there are plans to use this antiviral material to manufacture door handles for more than 100 buildings in Hong Kong. However, the team hopes to expand production to schools, public transport, health facilities and other countries.
According to Associate Professor of PolyU’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing Lo Kwan-Yu: “70 percent of coronavirus can be eliminated within two minutes, according to laboratory tests, and over 90 percent can be killed after 10 minutes. All viruses and bacteria on a surface can be basically terminated in 20 minutes.”
The material has proven to be highly effective during the testing phase. Additionally, its low price makes it attractive to countries with low GDP, as well as smaller companies. Given that countries are still fighting COVID-19 and its multiple variants, 3D printable materials are crucial to ending the global pandemic.