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How to Use the Formlabs Form Wash


Formlabs' Form Wash is a high-end automated wash station that's specifically designed to clean the parts that are printed using the Form 2 3D Printer. It eliminates the need for manual washing and automatically cleans the printed parts to a high standard.
Interested in learning more about this innovative invention? Keep reading.

Formlabs Form Wash: An Overview

The Form Wash re-defines what "efficiency" means. Simply put - it saves you tonnes of money, energy and resources that are usually associated with owning a 3D printer, manual part washing and post-processing.

Its impeller employs 90% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to clean and disinfect parts. Washes are timed in order to prevent the parts from IPA-induced warping. Last but not least, the IPA that's used during the cycle can be safely disposed of using a specialised siphon.

Using the Form Wash Safely

1. Open the Form Wash
Use the knob to navigate the display menu and select "Open". The Form Wash's mount and basket are lifted, enabling you to insert the parts that need to be washed.

2. Insert the parts that require cleaning
The build platform's top lip and the machine's arms need to be aligned for you to be able to insert the printed parts. Make sure that you eliminate any excess liquid resin by scraping it off before you install the build platform in the Form Wash.

3. Set the timing of the wash cycle
Make sure that you check the recommended wash time before commencing. Turn the knob to navigate the display menu, and select "Time", followed by "Start". Ensure that the outer lid is securely closed.

4. Remove the parts from the machine
The wash cycle is finished when the machine raises the platform mount and basket. Remove  the build platform from the platform mount when the process ends. Use the removal tool to extract the printed parts from the build platform.

5. Dry the parts before use
Do allow the parts to dry before placing them in the Form Cure, especially if IPA or tripropylene glycol monomethyl ether (TPM) have been used during the wash cycle.

6. Post-Wash Processes
If your parts require any additional strengthening processes, use Formlabs' Form Cure. This is a UV curing machine engineered to fuse heat and 405nm light to perfect 3D-printed parts.


Please read the Form Wash manual before using the machine. Failure to do so may result in unwanted occurrences and accidents. Furthermore, refer to the Form Wash Time Settings Info Sheet when using different Formlabs materials.