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5 Ways to Store 3D Printer Filament


Why is it necessary to store 3D printer filament materials?

Leaving these filaments out in the open means that they're exposed to natural elements that can be detrimental. Tiny air particles lead to a decreased printing quality and in turn, a poor-quality product. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Cleaning and changing the printer's nozzle during the printing process is definitely not recommended. Therefore, investing in good storage prevents any wastage and unnecessary costs and resources. 

Types of storage

1. The Polymaker PolyBox:

This is an all-encompassing box that serves as a filament storage dry box as well as a filament feeder. The PolyBox has several useful features, such as the live temperature and humidity reader as well the capacity to hold two 1kg spools, two 2kg as well as 2 spools of different weights at the same time. Thanks to the ball-bearing rollers, the spools can roll unobstructedly, and the neoprene tubing and the sets of ports enable the user to feed the spool from the PolyBox, directly to the printer. The PolyBox uses two 100-gram desiccant pouches to keep the spools dry and ensure maximum protection. It's a solid storage solution that highly facilitates the whole 3D printing process.


2. Sunlu Dry Box:

While the Sunlu DryBox has very similar features to the PolyBox, it has some unique characteristics that most other boxes don't have. The Sunlu DryBox has a heating element whose temperature and drying process time can be controlled by the user. It's similar to a food dehydrator in that it heats the filament roll and gets rid of excess moisture. These innovative features come at a price: the Sunlu is a little bit more expensive than the other dry boxes that are currently on the market. Therefore, consider using it alongside other dry boxes to cut costs.


3. eSun eBox:

Product manufacturers eSun take pride in the fact that their eBox was one of the first dry boxes to include an inbuilt scale that empowers the user to check the spool's weight. This is obviously advantageous when you're trying to create a large print but end up realising that you have a nearly-empty spool when it's too late. Furthermore, the eBox's about the same price as the PolyBox but has the highly sought-after heating element usually associated with pricier dry boxes.


4. Dry Cabinet: 

This model is one of the newest players on the market, and it's rapidly revolutionising the industry. It was originally designed for professional cameras and photographic equipment which are prone to moisture-based hazard - so, why not use it to dehydrate 3D printer filaments? The dry cabinet resembles a wine refrigerator and can hold between 30l to 125l of product. Its sleek screen keeps tabs on the cabinet's interior humidity and temperature. In addition to these slinky specs, it also includes a lock and key, LED interior lights, as well as adjustable shelves. This Dry Cabinet sets you back by approximately $250, but undoubtedly, its biggest advantage is that it can hold a dozen rolls of filament at the same time.


5. Yodelbox:

Think of the Yodelbox as a less expensive version of the PolyBox. Yes - it only holds one spool at a time, but it's battery-operated, has a humidity and temperature sensor as well as an LCD screen that give you regular updates on the conditions inside the box. Furthermore, it's equipped with a lengthy tube that enables you to connect it directly to the 3D printer, while having plenty of room at the bottom for the desiccant. Keep each spool in an individual Yodelbox, and you can rest assured that you'll never have to waste another spool ever again! 

3DE's advice:

Certainly, the box to store the bobbins are very useful.
The filament, if left in your lab without protection is likely to dry out and obviously perform less.
We have tried to print with a filament opened for some time without protection. The result is a much more wrinkled and inaccurate print. A disaster!

In our shop we have Fiberforce as a brand. It 's very interesting because they vacuum seal the bobbins, are of high quality and perish much more slowly than our competitors.

Discover our filaments and if you need information we are always available.

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