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Before confirming your order:
  • If you are a customer in the EUROPEAN UNION, please verify that your VAT number is VIES compliant.
What is VIES?
Vies (Vat information exchange system) is a search engine set up by the European Commission to verify valid VAT numbers within the European Union.
If your VAT number is compliant you are authorized to proceed with the order, in case you can request an upgrade of your VAT number at the VIES online service.
If you don't want to upgrade your VAT number you will be charged 22% vat on the total amount of the invoice (transport costs included).
  • If you are an EXTRA EU customer, import/customs taxes in your country are not included.

NB: This is a B2B e-shop, all prices are without VAT.



Are you interested in one of our second-hand products?
Contact us and we will assist you with the dedicated technician. We have a team of guys ready to assist you and give you the quote.

If you have enquiry CONTACT US: info@3de-shop.com

How does it work with returns?

Notify us at info@3de-shop.com of your request for a non-conforming return by indicating:

  • Invoice number
  • Company name
  • Telephone number

One of our operators will contact you and will evaluate with you the documents to be presented and agree on the collection of the goods.