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Insight into 3D printing and the jewelry industry

3D printing in the jewellery sector

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The passage of generational creativity in the jewellery sector.

3D printing has accompanied the transition of the creative generation of gold companies. The new generation of goldsmith entrepreneurs, who grew up in the company where they experienced the family business first hand, bring 3D printing technology as an innovation and the beginning of a new chapter in the company. 

3D printing accompanies the production method from the traditional method to a modern production that manages to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the market.

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The revolution in production processes.

With 3D printing, it is possible to create shapes and volumes that cannot be achieved with traditional goldsmithing techniques.

With additive manufacturing we have a better result thanks to the volumetric process. The volumetric process makes it possible to obtain empty volumes, thus reducing production costs and saving a lot of metal. It is a revolution in production processes!

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The creative value of 3D printing.

With 3D printing, creative value emerges, a very important factor in product innovation. This evolution bears witness to the richness of this century, where the value of the materials goes hand in hand with the value of the project and where the craftsman renews himself through technological updating.

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The 3D printer for jewellery production.

3D printing technology meets design needs by giving designers the flexibility to choose wax or resin according to the product they want to create.

Among the various important 3D printing brands stands out 3DSystems, with over 20 years of experience in the jewellery sector they have created a real jewel of a 3D printer. 

The solution that 3DSystems offers ensures perfect quality and reliability, reduces time to market and costs, and enables new levels of jewellery design and productivity.

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100% wax

For jewellery casting, 3DSystems provides the best solution for 100% wax production with the 2500W printer. Pure wax materials generate 100% ash burnout for perfect quality casting and faster turnaround times, thanks to the possibility of same-day printing and pattern casting.

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Castable plastic resin

TheFigure 4 Jewelery 3D printer solution offers greater freedom for fine and delicate geometries, fine meshes and more. The Fig4 JCAST-GRN 10 resin was developed specifically for easy casting of jewellery with minimal ash and residue after burnout.

In addition to 3DSystems, Flashforge, a brand we work with, also offered a small entry level printer for the jewellery sector. This is Hunter, also using a green FHJ2100 meltable plastic resin with a wavelength of 405nm and is compatible with all DLP printers.

Expert's Pill: We recommend using the manufacturer's resins for each type of printer. If using resins compatible with all printers, please adjust the parameters correctly to get the best result. Contact us for more info.

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Rapid production avoids unnecessary stockpiling and enables targeted and environmentally friendly production. 

3D printing is a testament to the versatility of manufacturing, ranging from traditional jewellery to fashion accessories made from precious metals. A great technology for a great productive change.

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