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Creator 3 - Independent Dual Extruder System

What we mean with Independent Dual Extruder System?

IDEX – short for Independent Dual Extruders – is the 3D printing technique that allows two print heads to move independently from each other. Each head has its own nozzle and can print with the same, or different material than the other head. This technology has a number of advantages in comparison to a single head with dual extruders.

Each independent head has its own nozzle and filament. When one nozzle is active and printing, the other inactive nozzle moves to the side of the bed. Since the head that is not printing is on the side, any filament that leaks out of the inactive head does not stick to your workpiece. This prevents contamination of materials and gives cleaner prints.

Another big advantage of the independent dual extruders is that it allows the two nozzles to have a big temperature difference and therefore allows to combine different materials. For instance, complex prints using soluble support such as the print of the left are made possible. Since the heads are separated from each other, it is possible to set the nozzles at different temperatures with a large difference in temperature between them. This allows the user to make many more material combinations.

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Carbon Fiber Parts

Creator 3 is an industrial desktop 3D printing platform that delivers high performance functional parts with advanced engineering materials. The carbon fiber reinforcement provides significantly improved stiffness, strength and heat resistance with outstanding layer adhesion.

We have selected Fiberforce carbon filaments.  This is an Italian company, where the pursuit of filament perfection is their corporate focus. Find out in our dedicated section. Click here.

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A Wide Range of Materials

With high temperature 300℃ extruder, Creator 3 has great compatibility with many of the leading materials manufacturers. 

Creator 3 support PLA, ABS, PA, PC, PA-CF, PA-GF

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Four Built-in Ventilating Fans

Displacing the internal and external air to adjust the temperature of the chamber to create a better printing environment temperature.

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3D Printed Farm

Creator 3 is equipped with the new wireless connectivity.

Send the print files via wifi with FlashPrint.

Creator 3 printed farm can be realized to create small production.

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Creator 3 - Product page and Technical Specifications
Adventure 4 - All in one EASY step printing

Adventurer 4 has real leveling-free design of platform and larger printing size, combining new slicer which could easily monitor and manage multiple 3D printer. To integrate interest, daily life and working efficiency with intelligent printing experience for family consumers, educators and office users. Start a fantastic 3D printing journey!

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Removable Nozzle

Quickly detachable nozzle with patented buckle design. Only 3 seconds, tool free easier for replacement and maintenance.

60 seconds heating up to 200℃

Wide Range of Application Coverage

  • Different nozzle choice: 0.3/0.4/0.6mm.

          Choose details and timeliness as you wish.

  • 240/265℃ nozzle match with various filaments:

          ABS / PLA / PC / PETG / PLA-CF / PETG-CF

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110℃ Flexible Platform

Magnetic adsorption platform, double holders bending the spring plate and take down models within 5 seconds.

Leveling free Platform

  • Applying CNC made bottom frame as mounting base level;
  • 8 mm super-flat aluminum plate ensures the platform flatness;
  • The whole flatness difference is less than 0.15 mm;
  • Excellent first-layer printing quality and save the time to adjustment.

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Multi-function Escort

  • Continue printing after recovery from power failure.
  • Detection sensor for lacking filament.
  • HD Built-in camera monitoring (Adventurer 4 only).
  • Remote printing control by Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • New FlashPrint support multi-device on-line control, managing printers in high efficiency.
  • Remote-control function handle exceptions while printing.
  • Energy-saving mode: only 1KWH power consumption when standby overnight.

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A Wide Range of Materials

With high temperature 265℃ extruder, Adventurer 4 has great compatibility with many of the leading materials manufacturers.

Adventurer 4 support ABS / PLA / PC / PETG / PLA-CF / PETG-CF.

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Adventurer 4 Product page and Technical Specifications