What’s FormLabs advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology?

Recently Formlabs launched its next generation of resin-based machines, including a new large-format printer built on a re-engineered form of stereolithography (SLA). The Form 3 and Form 3L are the product of several years of development and demand from customers for finer detail and bigger parts.

The result is a new process and abbreviation to familiarize yourself with, Low Force Stereolithography (or LFS), made up of two key components; a flexible tank and scalable Light Processing Unit ( or LPU). LFS has been designed to reduce the forces exerted on parts during the print process. It achieves this by using a flexible film which bows gradually as the part is lowered, reducing pressure and allowing for light-touch supports which can be easily teared away. Meanwhile, the LPU is made up of lenses and mirrors which provide precisely controlled linear illumination for accurate, repeatable parts. A single galvanometer positions the high-density laser beam in the Y direction, passes it through a spatial filter, and directs it to a fold mirror and parabolic mirror which means the beam is always perpendicular to the build plane as opposed to at an angle.

The Form 3 very similar to the Form 2 in terms of look and build, packaged in familiar FormLabs’ orange with a print volume of 145 x 145 x 185 mm (just a centimetre bigger in height compared to its predecessor) and a laser spot size of 85 microns; it uses the same material cartridges as the Form 2.

“The Form 3 is able to get into more in production parts because of both the volume and the print quality; and the larger parts that you can create with that [and the] better detail both lend [themselves] to more end-use parts.

Form 3 it’s the Next Generation of Industrial 3D printing

With advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology, Formlabs has completely re-engineered resin-based 3D Printing to drastically reduce the forces of the print process.

Flawless Prints, Every Time

Scale prototyping and production as your business grows with the Form 3, an affordable, industrial-quality 3D Printer that consistently delivers

FormLabs Form 3 Tech Specs

40,000,000 Parts Printed with FormLabs Technology

Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ 3D Printing uses linear illumination and a flexible film tank to turn liquid resin into flawless solid parts.

A key component of the LFS process, the strong dual-layer film at the bottom of the Form 3 Resin Tank allows for a dynamic and precise print process.

Flexible Resin Tank

Pinpoint Precision

The custom-designed Light Processing Unit (LPU) inside the printer uses a compact system of lenses and mirrors to deliver accurate, repeatable prints.

  • Crisp, clean features: The high-power-density laser is passed through a spatial filter to guarantee a clean laser spot.
  • Consistent printing: A parabolic mirror ensures that the laser prints perpendicular to the build plane, ensuring uniform print quality across the entire build platform.
  • Faster than ever: A high frequency galvanometer offers precise control and high speed.

Nonstop Printing

The Form 3 constantly monitors print performance so you can focus on bringing your most creative ideas to life. Integrated sensors help maintain ideal print conditions and send you alerts about the state of your machine.

  • Closed-loop calibration:Optical sensors continuously correct for scale and power, and can even detect dust.
  • Hassle-free materials management: Switch between materials in seconds with a simple cartridge system.
  • User-replaceable components: The Light Processing Unit, rollers, and optics window can be replaced in-house, reducing the need for replacement printer shipments.
FormLabs Form 3
Formlabs Form 3 printers

Grows With Your Business

Start with one 3D printer or many, and add capacity as demand grows. Use the same tool through prototyping and into production and easily expand into new applications.

  • Industrial quality for all: Form 3 offers industrial capabilities at a fraction of the price of traditional industrial machines.
  • Get started now: Formlabs 3D Printers are ready to plug and print right out of the box, no specialized training required.
  • Avoid delays: Bringing production in-house with the Form 3 provides the fast turnaround time and flexibility you need to scale.


Design your model in standard CAD software and import an STL or OBJ file into our PreForm print preparation software.


FormLabs Form 3

Send prints over WiFi, reprint previous jobs, and manage your print queue with ease with the printer’s intuitive touchscreen interface.


Easily tear away fine-touch supports after printing, then transfer parts to Form Wash and Form Cure for simplified rinsing and post-curing.

formlabs resins

Switch seamlessly between a library of general purpose and specialty resins with a cross-compatible cartridge system.

Proto-reactive resins designed in the laboratory for highly defined and resistant printing. They occur in liquid form but are photosensitive: when laser (LFS)™ is applied, they solidify.

Here are the resins available in 3DE-SHOP: Rigid, Flexible, Elastic, Durable, Tough, Black, White, Grey, Grey Pro, Dental Model, Dental LT, Dental SG, Surgical Guide, Tough 1500, Tough 2000Castable and Castable Wax. Committed for production of Digital Dentistry and Jewelry, Design and Engineering.

Find them and learn more clicking here

The Perfect Finish

Form Wash and Form Cure streamline and automate rinsing and post-curing of prints. Consistently produce high-quality results with less time and effort.

Form Wash automates the print washing process for consistent, thorough, no-mess cleaning.

Parts can be transferred directly from the printer to Form Wash and either rinsed directly on the build platform or removed and placed in the wash basket.

Form Cure post-curing maximises material properties for stereolithography prints, improving parts’ strength and performance. Form Cure precisely combines heat and 405 nm light to consistently post-cure prints.

Form Wash and Form Cure

If you are interested in Formlabs Form 3, the 3D Printer for Jewelry, Design and Engineering making, please fill-up the form and you will immediately be receiving a voucher code discount to be used at the checkout