What’s FabPro’s Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology?

DLP or Digital Light Processing refers to a method of printing that makes use of light and photosensitive polymers. While it is very similar to stereolithography, the key difference is the light source. DLP utilizes traditional light-sources like arc lamps.

In most forms of DLP, each layer of the desired structure is projected onto a vat of liquid resin that is then solidified layer by layer as the build-plate moves up or down. As the process does each layer successively, it is quicker than most forms of 3D Printing.

“FabPro 1000 is an excellent entry-level 3D Printer that can produce good looking, high-quality parts…”

FabPro 1000: the Best Desktop Entry-Level Industrial 3D Printer

The FabPro™ 1000 DLP 3D Printer from 3D Systems™ is a desktop solution to professional and industrial problems, with a desktop price to match.

Ideal for Engineering and Jewelry applications, the FabPro™ 1000 excels at low-volume, small-part prototyping and direct 3D production across a wide range of high-quality materials.

FabPro™ 1000 packs industrial durability and reliability into a rugged yet compact platform, delivering professional quality day in and day out. And it’s simple to use, from material loading and file configuration to post-processing.

• High-quality precision parts
• Up to 3x faster high throughput print speeds than competing systems
• Easy to use plug and play solution
• Industrial-grade materials for jewelry and prototyping

Powered by DLP (Digital Light Processing) projection technology that cures an entire layer of photopolymer at once, the FabPro 1000 prints significantly faster than SLA (stereolithography) machines that use a laser to draw each layer for polymerization.

FabPro 1000 Tech Specs

Prototypes or Production Parts Quickly and Easily

Print prototypes, functional assemblies and production parts with tough engineering plastics and elastomeric materials.                                                             Engineering and design teams need 3D Printing for rapid design iteration and 3D production. FabPro 1000 delivers fast print speeds, superior part quality, engineering-grade materials, and the software you need to make it easy and affordable.

Jewelry Casting

Create and produce custom jewelry with small, fine-featured models and patterns for investment casting.                                                                                                   Fast print speeds, superior part quality, and material optimized for jewelry investment casting, casting pattern production with 3D Printing are easier than ever.

From technical support with best practices and troubleshooting guides to materials and upgrades, you can get precisely what you need, when you need it.

For Print Tray – to be used to cover a print tray that contains resin, so as to protect it from UV light exposure during storage

This storage tray allows you to stock and re-use the print tray for the FabPro in a clean manner, without spilling or losing quality.

Storage Tray
Rinse Tank and Lid

To be used for post-process cleaning of printed parts to rinse uncured material from the printed part.

This rinse tank and lid allow you to clean the printed parts on the FabPro 100 in a proper manner.

Accessory Kit

• Tools: tweezers, pliers, brush, metal spatula
• Plastic Scrapers (1x platform/large, 5x film/small)
• 2x Storage Container for Resin Trays
• 2x Rinse Tanks, 1x Rinse Bottle
• Nitrile Gloves (50 pack)
• Paper Towels (100 pack)

Accessory Kit

3D Sprint™: Easy-to-Use Software

3D Sprint™

Preparing part files for printing and monitoring print jobs is easy with 3D Systems 3D Sprint software, which comes standard with every FabPro 1000. This robust additive manufacturing software streamlines printing preparation through file importing, editing, repairing, and slicing and optimizes part placement on the platform with support creation and nesting.

  • Easy build job set-up, submission and job queue management
  • Automatic part placement and build optimization tools
  • Part nesting capability and part editing tools
  • Automatic support generation
  • Job statistics

Produce Parts in Hours, Not Days

Produce models in hours, not days with the FabPro 1000. Compared to competing systems, the FabPro 1000 can create higher-quality parts with precision and smooth finish at up to three-times-faster high-throughput print speeds.  How? Our technology uses a projector to image each layer for easy and precise printing, with the ability to build several smaller parts on a single platform for increased productivity.

Lower Costs, Delivered

The FabPro 1000 is engineered for material efficiency and consistent, repeatable runtimes, making 3D prototyping and production more accessible and affordable than ever before. 3D Sprint file preparation and print management software help manage material usage with less waste with optimized print builds and support structures. This combination of fast print speeds and optimized printing all leads to lower part costs and lower Total Cost of Operations (TCO).

A wide range of Quality and Printable Materials

From tough engineering plastics to castable resins, FabPro materials are designed for accuracy and quality.  Additionally, our easy-to-load materials enable quick set up and mess-free printing.

The FabPro can work with nine different materials, including resins specially designed for making prototypes, functional parts, dental molds, surgical guides, and flexible components like seals and gaskets, and the included 3D Sprint software is compatible with 13 file types, more than any other resin 3D printer.

Here are the materials available in 3DE-SHOP: Tough BLK, JewelCast GRNFlexible BLK, Proto GRY, Elastic BLK. Committed for production of Prototyping & Production, Jewelry, Design & Engineering.

Flexible BLK

Flexible BLK

It is a flexible and exceptionally durable material that allows the production of polypropylene-like parts with amazing elongation at break and impact strength. In fact, in unnotched Izod impact strength testing to ATSM standards, the FabPro Flexible BLK material did not break. With FabPro’s accuracy, this robust material provides outstanding flexibility for a wider variety of prototyping, functional testing and low volume production applications.

APPLICATIONS: Functional assemblies and prototypes, Master patterns for RTV/silicone molding, Replacement of short-run cast urethane production parts, Concept and marketing models

4201343-901/229,00€ (1 Kg)

Download here pdf tech specs.

JewelCast GRN

JewelCast GRN

A green material ideal for small, fine-featured jewelry master patterns for gypsum investment casting applications. This material leaves minimal ash after burnout to produce superior casting quality. Create and produce custom jewelry or other investment castings that capture fine detail with a smooth surface finish.

Applications: Jewelry pattern production, Investment casting, Prototype pieces, Design verification, Fitting pieces, Resin molds for wax cast and RTV, Master patterns for RTV/silicone molds.

420103-901/249,00€ (1 Kg)

Download here pdf tech specs.

Tough BLK

Tough BLK

A durable plastic material for producing black parts for functional prototyping and production parts. Combined with the versatility, reliability and small footprint of the FabPro, this tough material provides a solution to create mechanical assemblies, fit testing prototypes and functional parts right at the desktop.

Applications: Mechanical assembly/fit testing, Rapid prototyping, Functional testing, Life testing, Functional parts, Design Iteration.

420102-901/159,00€ (1 Kg)

Download here pdf tech specs.

Proto GRY

Proto GRY

A fast, general-purpose plastic material ideally suited for prototyping applications. The FabPro’s precision printing in this opaque gray material highlights fine features and is ready for finishing and painting, perfect for high-quality prototypes and models.

Applications: Rapid prototyping, Design iteration, High-quality prototypes (ready for finishing and painting), Display models (ready for finishing and painting).

420101-901/129,00€ (1 Kg)

Download here pdf tech specs.

FabPro Elastic BLK

FabPro Elastic BLK

It is a material suited for the prototyping and design of a wide variety of elastomeric parts. Combined with the FabPro 1000’s productivity and part quality, this material accelerates the design and iteration of new concepts with rubber-like prototypes for industrial and consumer goods applications.

Applications: Overmolds, Weatherstripping, Seals, Grommets, Gaskets, Spacers and other, vibration dampening components, Especially well-suited for compressive applications.

420115-901/179,00€ (1 Kg)

Download here pdf tech specs.

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