What is Dental 3D Printing and Why 3D Printed Dental?

3D Printing dental

Over the course of the past decade, the dental industry has been revolutionized by 3D Printing technology. Several different applications of 3D Printing have been developed, from fixing broken teeth to making flossing easier.

Printing is done both in the dentist’s office and in labs, and it brings a new level of speed and ease to old procedures.

Dental 3D printing is a rapidly growing industry that promises success. Because of this, many companies are dedicating themselves to the industry. Some are major suppliers of dental products, while others are researching new uses of 3D printing for the dental industry.

3D Printed Night Guards and Aligners. The most common applications of 3D Printing in dentistry are transparent aligners and night guards. Aligners, which serve as alternatives to braces, have become especially popular because of their invisibility. The primary benefit of using 3D Orinting to produce night guards and aligners is speed. It takes just hours to produce a full batch. This technology also makes each product more accurate and custom, as it’s created from precise scans of a patient’s teeth.

3D Printed Crowns. Dental 3D Printing has made creating crowns incredibly simple. The doctor scans the broken tooth and then uses software to create the model of the crown. They can create it in their office in less than 30 minutes using either a special resin or CNC technology to carve the crown out of porcelain. This technology reduces the length of the process from several weeks to less than an hour, is much cheaper for both the dentist and the patient, and leaves the patient with an understanding of the power of dental 3D Printing.

3D Printed Surgical Guides. A 3D printed guide designed to fit perfectly in a patient’s mouth is an indispensable asset for a dentist. They can be printed in the same resin as aligners and night guards, and they can be created quickly on any dental 3D printer.

3D Printed Models. 3D printed dental models are easy to make and right the first time. Doctors can print a model of the patient’s mouth, and verify that their implant, crown, or aligner will fit with precision. They can be powerful tools for a dentist because they enable them to check their work before surgically implanting it into a patient. These models aren’t actually placed in any mouths, they don’t require any indispensable technology or resin. Simple yet useful.

3D Printing for Orthodontists: Benefits of In-House Aligners

Formlabs Form 3B

The core benefits of in-house aligner workflows are:

  1. Increase control over movement parameters.
  2. More choices of aligner materials.
  3. Wide choice of software platforms to set up treatment.
  4. Control the production.
  5. Cost savings.
  6. Ability to coordinate hybrid treatment.

From Analogue to Digital

Seven key considerations when switching to a digital workflow in orthodontics:

  • Different material requirements
  • Different systems employed by the staff
  • Additional software
  • Additional hardware/equipment
  • Training demands
  • Opportunities to add value to the care you offer your patients
  • Opportunities to streamline and improve office systems

A professional, reliable, and accessible Dental 3D Printer optimized for biocompatible dental 3D printing materials and high quality dental parts.

The Form 3B from Formlabs Dental is a next generation 3D Printer affordable enough to bring in-house fabrication to the entire dental industry. With a constantly expanding range of dental indications, an intuitive plug and play system, free software with no pesky licenses, and predictable software and firmware updates, the future of dental looks bright.

The Form 3B from Formlabs Dental is available with the support dental professionals need for nonstop and reliable production.

Orthodontic Models and Appliances

Improve your patient experience and streamline your workflow.

Desktop 3D Printing produces retainers and aligners that are more accurate than physical methods, eliminating uncomfortable physical impressions. With Form 3B, you can print dental appliances with same-day delivery for your patients. Formlabs’ dental 3D Printers not only reduce procedure costs but improves the overall patient experience.

3d printed teeth


Dental LT Clear Resin is a long term biocompatible material formulated for manufacturing dental splints and retainers. As a rigid material, Dental LT Clear is most appropriate for printing hard splints. If soft or hard-soft splints are desired, the best method is to print the model and thermoform.

This application guide demonstrates each step for making 3D printed splints on Formlabs’ Dental 3D Printers. Use the following workflow to ensure precise results.

Download here pdf application guide for instructions

Surgical Guides

Perform precise, cost-effective surgeries with better clinical outcomes.

Formlabs Dental 3D Printers make guided surgery cost-effective, with autoclavable, Class 1 biocompatible Dental SG Resin. Now you can 3D Print digitally designed guides with precision on par with lab-fabricated guides and industrial 3D Printers. Take advantage of digital implantology to reduce surgery time, improve patient experience, and achieve high-precision implant placement with ease.

3d printed teeth
3d printed teeth

Crown and Bridge Models

Dental Model Resin is a highly accurate material specifically formulated for creating crown and bridge dental models. In this application guide, learn how to print models successfully on the Form 3B Desktop Stereolithography 3D Printers. Make sure to follow the recommended workflow to ensure precise and accurate results.

Download here pdf to learn more.

New in Formlabs Dental: The Digital Advantage for Casting and Pressing

Formlabs is pleased to announce that Castable Wax Resin is now available for dental indications! The latest addition to our library of Dental Resins is a highly accurate material for casting and pressing crowns, bridges, and removable partial dentures (RPDs) using patterns 3D printed on Form 3B.

Tested at length with dental technicians, Castable Wax Resin provides accurate, sealed margins and contains 20% wax for reliable casting with clean burnout. Printed patterns are strong enough to handle with no post-cure required, allowing for a faster and simpler workflow.

Download here pdf to learn more.

dental 3d printing

Formlabs Dental Resins: dental 3D Printing Materials

Formlabs resins

Our library of Standard and Biocompatible Resins enables a broad set of dental applications — all powered by the same machine.

Bring production in-house or improve existing workflows with industry-leading Formlabs 3D Printers. Our Dental Resins empower dental labs and practices to rapidly manufacture bio-compatible surgical guides, splints, fixed patterns and models, clear aligner models, and full dentures.

dental 3D printing

Dental Model Resin

An accurate material for dental modelmaking and clear aligner production

Dental Model Resin was developed specifically to meet the high precision, accuracy, and throughput requirements of dental professionals. Print removable dies with crisp margins and contacts within ±35 microns.

APPLICATIONS: Crown and Bridge Models, Clear Aligner Models, Hawley Retainers.

RS-F2-DMBE-02/135,00 (1 Lt)

Download here pdf tech specs.

dental 3D printing

Dental LT Clear Resin

A long-term clear biocompatible material for splints and occlusal guards

Manufacture affordable, high-quality occlusal splints in-house with Dental LT Clear Resin. A Class IIa long-term biocompatible resin with high resistance to fracture, this clear material polishes to high optical transparency for a finished appliance you’ll be proud to deliver.

APPLICATIONS: Splints and Occlusal Guards

RS-F2-DLCL-01/359,00€ (1 Lt)

Download here pdf tech specs.

dental 3D printing

Dental SG Resin

An autoclavable, biocompatible material for 3D printing surgical guides

Tried and tested by thousands of dental professionals, Dental SG Resin is an autoclavable, Class 1 biocompatible resin, designed for 3D printing precise surgical guides to help dentists guarantee accurate implant placement.

APPLICATIONS: Surgical Guides, Digital Implantology.

RS-F2-DGOR-01/270,00€ (1 Lt)

Download here pdf tech specs.

dental 3D printing

Castable Wax Resin

A highly accurate material for casting and pressing crowns, bridges, and RPDs

Tested at length by dental technicians, Castable Wax Resin provides accurate, sealed margins and contains 20% wax for reliable casting with clean burnout. Printed patterns are strong enough to handle with no post-cure required, allowing for a faster, simpler workflow.

APPLICATIONS: Patterns for Casting and Pressing.

RS-F2-CWPU-01/249,00€ (1 Lt)

Download here pdf tech specs.

dental 3D printing

Standard Grey Resin

A precise general-purpose model making material

With a matte surface finish, opaque appearance, and precise details, Grey Resin is used by across industries to 3D print strong, precise models and prototypes.

APPLICATIONS: Clear aligner models, Hawley retainers

RS-F2-GPGR-04/135,00€ (1 Lt)

Download here pdf tech specs.


3D Systems Visijet for Digital Dentistry: dental 3D Printing Materials

3d printed teeth

There are many consumables available for 3D Printing, and their number is steadily increasing. 

Here offer you a range of VisiJet for Dental Industry, from the giant of the 3D world: “3D Systems™”

Dental – Plastic Material Natural

 Rigid plastic with stone-like finish for creating accurate dental models.

VisiJet® M3 Pearlstone material prints dental models for crowns, bridges, orthodontic devices, implants and partial dentures that are accurate, economical to produce and offer the appearance of dental stone.

2 kg bottle for 3D Systems ProJet MJP 3500, 3510 and MJP 3600 Dental Series, code: 24109-905

Download here pdf tech specs.

3d printed teeth


Stone-like rigid plastic to produce accurate dental models.

With excellent edge fidelity and low-friction matte surfaces, the VisiJet® M2R-TN material is ideal to produce high precision prosthodontic and thermoforming models in tan color, for easy detail visualization.

1,5 Kg Bottle for 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 Plus Dental, code: 24240-915

Download here pdf tech specs.


This next generation 100% wax 3D printing material delivers repeatable high quality, durable patterns at high throughput for precision metal casting excellence and reliability.

VisiJet® M3 CAST is a next generation 100% wax 3D printing material for the ProJet® MJP 3600W wax printers, delivering repeatable high quality, durable patterns at high throughput for precision metal casting excellence and reliability.

 1,75 kg bottle for 3D Systems ProJet MJP 3500, 3510 and MJP 3600 Wax Series, code: 24215-905

Download here pdf tech specs.

3d printed teeth